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In today’s personal or business climate, every minute counts. Managing your internet browsing for contacts and indications can be time consuming and often frustrating. With our winning IT solutions, CZM Investments is here to help. We’ll provide the network access that you need and easy platform to find your desired properties - so you have the peace of mind to focus on what you really need.

Tax Deed Acquisition

We source data directly from county and state authorities and you can see what’s available. You will have information on properties available via tax deed auctions, county tax sales and tax lien auctions, in addition to foreclosures. 
Additionally, is presented the Clerk’s Office phone and Appraisal website, just to simplify and help you in your due diligence.



We will allow you to be in touch with Realtors, Lawyer and Accounting in US territory avoiding waste time in search. 



No need to worry about auctions or bidding. if you are not confident to buy directly with government, we can release our opportunities and you will be able to select the investment that better fits you. After you choose, we proceed with all property acquisition steps and transfer the quite claim deed to you. The timeline for this process is to receive the closing documents from 1 to 6 months after the payment.


CZM Tax Deed APP

You can easily navigate through our app and access the tax deed sales list to invest in your desired properties.
After your purchasing with our app you can receive Comparative Market Analysis (up to 5 per month) for your property with estimated value, estimated monthly rental, historical information and nearby properties/listings.
Do you need help for listing? You just need to send property information and can list up to 5 properties per month in our platform which have visibility of all members.


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Exclusive hottest real estate deals will be available only for CZM members. All CZM portfolio of properties are available and you can “buy now”.



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